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Hagia Sophia holds first Friday prayers since conversion

五, 07/24/2020 - 23:27
Istanbul's historic Hagia Sophia has reopened for Friday prayers for the first time since a decision was made to turn it back into a mosque after more than 80 years as a museum.

Spain's king distances himself from his father after allegations of $100m transfer from ex-Saudi monarch

五, 07/24/2020 - 22:10
Even as Spain battles the coronavirus, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says there's another issue that "all Spaniards are witnessing" -- the "unsettling reports" about the murky finances of the royal family.

He's served on 14 boards. Now he has a message for companies

五, 07/24/2020 - 21:35
Barry Lawson Williams has a message for companies: Find new Black candidates to serve on your board.

Tips for surviving a crisis, from someone who lost almost everything

五, 07/24/2020 - 20:14
In 2008, Karen Schultz-Tarnopol's life was a "10 out of 10." She was a wholesale account manager at Washington Mutual, she had a mortgage on a house in Michigan, and two kids who played hockey. She traveled. She felt like she could afford anything she needed.

Michelle Obama-approved designer Duro Olowu's pursuit of the 'culture of style'

五, 07/24/2020 - 19:08
Ever since Nigerian-born British fashion designer Duro Olowu launched his eponymous label in 2004, his aesthetic has remained remarkably consistent. Known for his use of color and pattern, Olowu also favors the sharply tailored silhouettes of his multicultural 1970s upbringing, including fitted jackets, precision-cut wide-leg trousers, billowing capes and kimonos, and intricately cut yet liberating dresses with hemlines below the knee -- all rendered in vivid and unusually juxtaposed fabrics, patterns, and textures.

Demand for the Kia Telluride SUV is so high dealers can't keep them on their lots

五, 07/24/2020 - 18:17
Kia, Hyundai's South Korean sister brand, has been trying for years to be seen as more than just a maker of inexpensive cars for buyers on a budget.

Taiwanese laundromat owners go viral online

五, 07/24/2020 - 17:31
Two geriatric laundromat owners have become Taiwan's latest viral sensation by posing for a series of photos wearing clothes left behind by their customers.

Why did China choose the Chengdu consulate to retaliate?

五, 07/24/2020 - 15:43
China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has ordered the closure of the US consulate in Chengdu days after the US forced the Chinese consulate in Houston to cease operations. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports.

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics were supposed to start this week. Here's what's happening instead

五, 07/24/2020 - 10:57
This week, billions of people were supposed to be tuning in to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

As Covid-19 closed schools worldwide, this CNN Hero kept his promise to feed more than one million hungry students

五, 07/24/2020 - 10:24
Amid concerns about staying safe through a global pandemic, hundreds of millions of people across the world are also worrying about how they will get their next meal.

China offers $1B loan to Latin America and Caribbean for access to vaccine

五, 07/24/2020 - 08:36
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced a $1 billion loan to Latin America and the Caribbean for Covid-19 vaccine access during a virtual gathering with his Latin American counterparts on Wednesday, according to a statement released by the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Hearst Magazines president resigns after allegations of inappropriate behavior

五, 07/24/2020 - 08:22
Troy Young, president of Hearst Magazines, resigned on Thursday following allegations of inappropriate workplace behavior.

'No proof,' Official defends Sweden's controversial Covid-19 move

五, 07/24/2020 - 08:14
Sweden's State Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell tells CNN's Christiane Amanpour that, despite the country's high mortality rate, the no-lockdown strategy has "served us very well."

93-year-old former Nazi guard convicted

五, 07/24/2020 - 06:08
A former Nazi concentration camp guard was convicted of thousands of counts of being an accessory to murder and given a two-year suspended prison sentence Thursday, a court announced.

Ancient Roman artifacts discovered by police in Spanish seafood store

五, 07/24/2020 - 01:18
Authorities inspecting a seafood store in Spain have discovered a collection of ancient Roman containers, called amphorae, some of which could have been created in the first century and recovered from shipwrecks off the Mediterranean coast.

Twitter says it's looking at subscription options as ad revenue drops sharply

四, 07/23/2020 - 23:56
Twitter is actively exploring additional ways to make money from its users, including by considering a subscription model, CEO Jack Dorsey said Thursday. The move comes as Twitter suffers a sharp decline in its core advertising business.